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From our Family to Yours

Due to COVID-19 affecting us all in ways we could have never imagined, your health & wellness has become even more important. To help you stay healthy, fit, and have some mental clarity, we are offering our services!

As a big thank you to the medical professionals on the front lines of this battle we are offering our programs absolutely FREE for healthcare professionals! We are offering our expertise to thank you for yours!

During this unsettling time we want to thank all our healthcare heroes at the front lines of this battle and putting themselves at risk to save the life of others. As a thank you we are offering our services/programs completely FREE for anyone in the healthcare profession for the rest of 2020. Whether it is customized at home workouts, a healthy regimen to get a sense of normalcy back, nutrition plans, or stress management techniques our experts are here for you 100% on us! Please contact us and we will set you up with a support system to show our appreciation.


At home workouts

Your customized program includes:

  • Fully customized nutrition plan
  • Customized at home workouts tailored to equipment or lack there of
  • Stress management techniques
  • And much more!



our program promotions:

Due to this economic hardship, and limitations in equipment it is time for us to support each other and help each other in anyway we can. Our team has decided to restructure our programs until the foreseeable future with a monthly subscription that could ease the financial stress and still be there for you and your health. This includes the following:

at home workouts

$150 monthly subscription:

  • Bi-weekly virtual coaching session
  • Customized at home workouts tailored to equipment or lack there of
  • Image/video exercise demos
  • Fully customized nutrition plan 
  • Stress management techniques
  • Additional virtual coaching sessions are available for purchase at $50/session


At home workouts

$100 monthly subscription: 

  • At home workouts & fitness program
  • Image/video exercise demos 
  • Sample recipes tailored to dietary restriction
  • Additional virtual coaching sessions are available for purchase at $50/session

Become The Ultimate You

Benefits of Working Together

  • Feeling your best
  • Getting into the shape you have always dreamed of
  • Developing independence with your fitness
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Finding a healthy routine that best suits your lifestyle
  • Being able to participate in events without worrying about the type of food or drinks you can or cannot consume (No crazy restrictions)
  • Daily healthy tips to help you become The Ultimate You

We are a TEAM. Your Journey MATTERS!

Click here or the button below to book a consultation to learn more about how working together will help you.


Will I need gym equipment?

No we fully customize our programs to your equipment availability.

What if I have no time to exercise ?

We are here for you! So if timing is an issue we will work with you and find what does work with your schedule, even if we start you off with a 5 min routine, or a healthy substitute in your diet. Customizing a realistic regimen for you is our priority.

What if I am a beginner?

Our coaches are here to help you and tailor the exercises to your capabilities.

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