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Holiday season may start feeling overwhelming while you’re in the midst of accomplishing your fitness/healthy lifestyle goals. Lots of food, drinks and tempting deserts. Well we are here to tell you that you are not alone! And most importantly, we are here to provide you some Holiday Health Tips so you have an easy solution to implement right away.

Taking back control

Holidays and special occasions are always going to be there and they are a fun part of life, feeling guilty to participate and enjoy these occasions should not be part of the holiday spirit. That feeling is attributed to the lack of feeling in control of your goals and the progress you have been making, and you feel at the mercy of that second plate of food or those extra leftover cookies. Well we are here to tell you that that is not true! You are the one in control! You control the progress you make with your fitness, not the food or social gatherings. Special occasions are always going to be there, and they should be, they are part of life. Having a fitness goal does not mean you cannot enjoy life. It means have a plan ahead of time and know that if you want to enjoy some extra food there is always a solution.

Nutrition Holiday Health Tips

Here are six nutrition tips to enjoy the holiday season without feeling like you are sabotaging your fitness goals (which you are not if you put in the honest work the rest of the year):

  1. Use a smaller plate. If filling up your plate to the max on thanksgiving is your thing than use a smaller plate. That way you get the satisfaction of filling a thanksgiving plate, but with less food.
  2. Let your family in on your goals so they can support you and not force feed you more food. By telling your family ahead of time they will understand why when you say no thank you, or even better may not even ask if you want seconds.
  3. Decide ahead of time that you are only going to fill up and eat one plate. Stick to the plan remember you are in control!
  4. If you’re still hungry get more turkey instead of a heavier food like corn bread or pie, maybe have the side of sweet potatoes without the marshmallows or brown sugar.
  5. Most importantly, have that slice of pie and DO NOT feel guilty!
  6. If you want to indulge a little more on a holiday or gathering you’ve been looking forward to then do it! Just stay true to your goals and work a little harder in the gym the next day

Now on to the Activity Holiday Health Tips!

If you’re traveling for the holiday and going to the gym is the last thing you want to do, than find another heathy activity. For example, go for a nice walk or jog, maybe you bring some exercise bands with you so you can change you’re routine up a bit in your hotel room or at home (if you’re not sure how to exercise at home, fill out this form for our at home fitness guide).

Put yourself back in the front seat, you are in control. Most importantly don’t feel like your goals are at the mercy of social occasions.

Your goals belong to you and enjoy life while you are accomplishing them!

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