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How To Build Muscle

Learning how to build muscle is for anyone who wants to look and feel stronger. Whether it’s adding lean muscle, size, strength (getting those PR numbers up!) or any combination in the between, we will help guide you. In this 8 week program you will receive a tailored nutrition, workout, and cardio guide to add strong muscle. By choosing this program we will work together and help guide you to becoming The Ultimate You.

TrainQuility is a health and wellness company that specializes in feeling and looking your best! We take your fitness journey very seriously and your goals become our goals. TrainQuility’s goal is to help guide our clients to a healthier lifestyle, we are here to teach! And our greatest accomplishment is when our clients no longer need us! Let us work together to eliminate the guess work and get started on the journey to becoming The Ultimate You!

Become The Ultimate You


  • Feeling your best
  • Getting into the shape you have always dreamed of
  • Developing independence with your fitness
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Finding a healthy routine that best suits your lifestyle
  • Being able to participate in events without worrying about the type of food or drinks you can or cannot consume (No crazy restrictions)
  • Daily health tips to help you become The Ultimate You


  • Customized Fitness Guide 5 days/week tailored to your schedule
  • Personal Exercise Video Library
  • Health & Wellness Evaluation
  • Customized Nutrition Guide
  • Weekly Email Check-Ins
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Progress Report


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How To Gain Muscle FAQ

How can you gain muscle fast?

Everyone is different in how their body will build muscle mass. Being on an effective program tailored to your body and with calculated progressions is the most efficient to way to build muscle mass.

How long does it take to build muscle?

Gaining muscle is very specific to the individual. If you have a properly programed nutrition plan and training split, males can gain on average ½ pound of muscle per week and woman can gain ¼ pound of muscle per week.

Is it hard to build muscle?

Building muscle requires a strength training program properly tailored to you and the correct nutrition to feed your muscles.

What is the best way for a female to build muscle?

Females have every capability to gain the muscle they desire if they are on a tailored program with nutrition and proper strength training with progressions.

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