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Happy Customers

TrainQuility Fitness has helped me achieve so many goals during the most stressful time of my life. Morgan & Nick helped me able to prioritize my mental and physical health daily while working night shift full time and being a full time graduate student. Being able to have a plan that was truly made for me and my needs made spending 30 minutes on myself worth every second.

Kimberly Jane
Nurse Practitioner, Morristown Memorial Hospital

Happy Customers

I love working with TrainQuility Fitness. Focusing on my health was a top priority during my pregnancy in preparation for my first child. Having a resource to make sure I was able to safely workout while still reaching my health goals was exactly what I needed!

Jacqueline Renwick
Soon-To-Be Mom/Vice President at Vested

Happy Customers

TrainQuility Fitness helped me stay organized and plan my workouts leading up to my wedding day. Having a plan guided me to spending my time wisely at the gym and was able to get the results I wanted!

Joseph Henry
Newly Wed/Managing Director at Vantage Financial

Happy Customers

Morgan and Nick are the most knowledgeable and invested trainers that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Whether it was helping me to perfect my deadlift form or teaching me how to eat properly (and enjoy it), their passion and friendly dispositions encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. The knowledge they have passed to me allows me to lead my Marines and help them train and diet properly. 10/10 would recommend these 2 wonderful people.

Cpl Del Valle, Samuel J.
United States Marine Corps

Happy Customers

Morgan is not only an amazing person, but a dedicated and passionate trainer. She puts 100% of her time and effort into her clients making sure they reach their full potential. I had never been comfortable with my body, and I had never been to a gym from lack of confidence. Morgan helped me discover how I could sculpt my body into what I wanted to see in a healthy way. She was the first one to put me under a squat bar and teach me the proper form. She showed me how to find the perfect balance between strength training and cardio, while always keeping the workout fun. If it wasn’t for Morgan putting me in a gym I don’t know where I’d be today.

Cpl, Mickaëlla C.
United States Marine Corps