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Wedding Workout Plan? This is usually not the first thing that comes to mind, but when preparing for your wedding there is a lot of planning that goes into your big day. Everyone wants to look & feel their best, as the memories and pictures of you on your wedding will last a lifetime. Because of this, let’s not leave YOU until the last minute and plan out ahead of time how to get you physically and mentally in the best shape of your life to be Wedding Ready! It’s not something we want to be left to chance so let’s work together to make a wedding workout program to follow ahead of time.

Here are 6 benefits being on a healthy program leading up to your wedding!

1. Structured & Stress-free

Being on a program tailored to your lifestyle and body type will eliminate the guess work of what you should be doing to look & feel your best. While you plan your wedding and work a full-time job, you won’t have to worry about what your workouts or nutrition consists of, as it will be done for you and all you have to do is follow it.

2. Building Healthy Habits

A program will help guide you towards a healthy balanced life. It is extremely difficult to juggle everything happening in life…friends, family, work, wedding planning…throw in trying to find time for you and forget it. You need nutrition and exercise that is convenient to your personal day to day so it fits into your already busy life. By following a program that gives you that freedom, not only will you look and feel you’re best for you wedding, but good habits will be created, not just a crash diet to reach a goal weight, but a long-term solution.

3. Being on a Program YOU Actually Enjoy

Everyone knows they should eat healthy and exercise, but most people do not like the process. This is where we work together to create exercises you enjoy, circuits you look forward to and meals you want to eat! It’s your life and you should enjoy every part of it. Let’s make sure the exercise and nutrition is something you enjoy too!

4. Losing Weight that STAYS Lost

When you are on a program tailored for your body type and regimented for healthy progress, you will not only lose unwanted weight and/or body fat to reach your goal, but you will keep it off. This will happen because you are now following healthy habits you actually like and you have built lean muscle to increase your metabolism (aka fat burning fuel) so you will keep or even surpass the results you obtained during your fitness journey.

5. Celebrate & Attend Events Leading up to Your Wedding GUILT-FREE

By having structure and a workout regimen that fits your lifestyle, including all of the engagement/wedding parties leading up the big day, the guess work gets taken out about what should I have at this or that event. You don’t have to stop eating and drinking all the things you enjoy in the couple months leading up to your wedding because you would have been on a planned program that will take into consideration life obligations and will give you the guilt free conscious when you have a glass of wine or a piece of desert. With your wedding approaching you should not be adding the stress of social gatherings and restrictive “diets” or “cleanses” to your plate.

6. Lifestyle that will last after the wedding

And lastly while you are on a customized program in the months leading up to your wedding, you will have developed good healthy habits and learned along the way a balanced structure that is suitable and sustainable in the long run even after the wedding and honeymoon.

To sum it up having a program designed specifically for you eliminates the stress of what to do to look and feel good for your wedding. Leave the programming heavy lifting to us while you plan your special day.

If you have questions about how to get in shape for your wedding, leave a comment below, message us on Instagram or schedule a complimentary consultation with us here.


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